Usability von mobile Casual Games - Erstellung einer Usability Checkliste zur Evaluierung der Usability und der Gameplay Experience, sowie die Durchführung eines Playtests zur Überprüfung der Checkliste

AuthorDaniela Hellmann

Publication type

Bachelor Thesis
Place PublishedSt. Pölten
Publication date 26.02.2015
Supervising TutorPeter Judmaier



The industry of mobile casual games is booming. A wide circle of people have fun by playing games like Angry Birds. Altogether, this game was downloaded more than one billion times. The main purpose of this research paper is to establish a checklist for mobile casual games. Mobile game developer may use this checklist to evaluate their new games very easy, fast, efficient and at low costs. The checklist includes important aspects of casual games, mobility, usability and gameplay. Games with different game mechanics, interactions and controlls belong to the mobile casual game genre. Therefore, to povide a high quality checklist, games with highscore opportunity, direkt touchscreen controll and level repetition are used for this checklist. The research paper’s main question is, which are the important aspects of a mobile casual game, so that it is fun and the users are motivated to play it again. All in all, three games were evaluated by using the established checklist. Furthermore, a usertest with ten participants guarantees, that the checklist offers a correct and significant result. The evaluation and findings of both testing methods will be presented and compared at the end of this research paper.