Prototypische Umsetzung und Evaluation einer interaktiven Plattform für Menschen mit arthrotischen Beschwerden

AuthorDaniel Winter, BSc

Publication type 

Master Thesis
Place PublishedVienna
Publication date 18.10.2017
Supervising TutorGernot Rottermanner



The number of people with Osteoarthritis (OA) has grown substantially in the last few years and will continue to rise as a result of the demographic aging of the population. In order to counteract the consequences and effects of this disease, various websites and apps have been developed about this issue, providing extensive information about treatment, strategies and techniques.

Numerous research examples on this topic show that the offered applications are rarely developed in collaboration with the affected target group. Their needs and concerns are hardly taken into account during the development process, resulting in a low demand of the target group.

This thesis firstly examines the problems of current OA platforms for web-based mobile applications such as apps and websites. On the basis of the investigations and the gathered requirements of the target group from focus groups an interactive prototype was developed and subsequently tested with users. Based on the findings of the implementation of the platform for people with OA, recommendations were made, helping web developers in the successful realization of a prototype in the healthcare sector. Therefore, among other things, it is recommended, to consider potential physical limitations of the target group and existing web accessibility guidelines, in the development of a prototype.