Konzeptionelle Umsetzung und Evaluation einer interaktiven Plattform für Menschen mit arthrotischen Beschwerden

AuthorShadja El Aeraky, BSc

Publication type 

Master Thesis
Place PublishedVienna
Publication date 25.09.2017
Supervising TutorPeter Judmaier



Due to the fact that the general population is getting older, it is expected that there will be an increase in the number of people with diagnosed Osteoarthritis and the associated burden on those affected. People who suffer from this degenerative joint disease are not only confronted with physical limitations and pain, but also often struggle with psychological and social effects. (Hucke, Leiss & Machold, 2016)

In order to counteract these consequences and support everyday life of those affected, a target-oriented interactive Osteoarthritis platform was designed and implemented as a prototype. Based on the user-centered Design approach, the development of the platform was organized into four main phases. This thesis deals with the user research, the conceptual and visual implementation as well as the evaluation of the platform, whereas the thesis (Winter, 2017) focuses on the technical implementation of the prototype.

In the course of the process, the requirements and needs of the target group significantly contributed to the development of the platform by involving them several times. In scope of the final evaluation the user experience of the target group was tested using predefined hypotheses. The quantitative and qualitative data analysis provided interesting insights that could be construed as a potential for future development.