Konvergenz mobiler Endgeräte und öffentlicher interaktiver Installation mithilfe moderner Web-Technologien

AuthorGernot Rottermanner

Publication type

Master Thesis
Place PublishedSt. Pölten
Publication date 17.08.2014
Supervising TutorGrischa Schmiedl



This master thesis describes the interplay between mobile devices and a public interactive installation (which can be a screen or projection). One aim of this thesis is to illustrate the main challenges concerning this topic. People need to get aware of the installation and recognize that it is interactive. Appropriate incentives have to motivate them to use it. Gamification offers powerful strategies to motivate people to use a system.
Examples in research and development have shown, that the mobile device is an ideal counterpart through its possibility of acting as a remote controller, or of sharing and picking up information from an interactive screen.
Within this thesis, the author and a colleague implemented a prototype of a public interactive screen, which makes use of the technique called “3D projection mapping”. It shows images of sights of St. Pölten. This innovative technique should be used to attract people’s attention to come closer. With their mobile devices they have to guess the right answer. This project was tested within a field test on three different days at two places at St. Pölten. Methods like observation, data logging and online survey were used to collect usage data. The findings are presented at the end of this thesis.