Gamification 2.0 - Konzeption und prototypische Umsetzung eines Gameful Online-Fragebogens

AuthorDaniela Hellmann

Publication type 

Master Thesis
Place PublishedSt. Pölten
Publication date 16.08.2017
Supervising TutorPeter Judmaier



Online questionnaires are steadily gaining popularity. Today online surveys are an important means of data collection in various industries. Using the internet to conduct quantitative research presents some problems and challenges. On the one hand the response rate is often very low, and on the other hand some persons may not finish a survey. To improve the dropout rate and to motivate the participants to answer all questions, a gameful online questionnaire was designed and implemented. The questionnaire was developed in a user centered design process, in which innovative game mechanics and game elements were used for the survey. The final concept consists of four game mechanics: character, points, animation and storytelling. Afterwards a prototype of the questionnaire was implemented with Limesurvey and recent webtechnologies. The topic of the online questionnaire covers the experience of participation in online surveys and it was send via social media and e-mail to German-speaking students.

The primary goal was to discover if the motivation of users can be raised and a game experience can be produced by a gameful online questionnaire. Furthermore the dropout rate should be improved through the gameful design of the online survey. These questions could be answered with A/B testing. One group of participants got the gameful online questionnaire, the other group had to answer the same questions in a tradional survey without gamification elements. The analysis of the the data shows interesting results. Although the participants of the gameful online questionnaire liked the game elements, especially the character and the points, only half of the people said that answering the survey was fun. Furthermore the evaluation of the dropout rates provided unexpected results.