Development of an easy-to-use marker API for the free JavaScript web map library 'khtml.maplib'

AuthorEwald Wieser

Publication type

Bachelor Thesis
Place PublishedSt. Pölten
Publication date 18.10.2011
Supervising TutorBernhard Zwischenbrugger



This thesis shows the research and development process of a marker interface for the JavaScript web map library khtml.maplib. The aim is to get an application programming interface to place markers on the web map that are rich in features and have a nice look and feel, but yet are easy to implement for a standard user. Therefore, the marker interfaces of some of the most popular web map services are investigated for their features, their generated DOM-structure, and the necessary source code to create a marker. Additionally the info window interface is examined as well, for the possibility to provide more information about a tagged place. The different web maps are then compared and subsequently an own interface for the khtml.maplib library is developed. Standard marker images and info window images are produced as well as the source code is implemented. A main focus lays on the proper functioning on different web browsers and different devices. To achieve this goal several workarounds and specific functions have to be implemented.
The result is not a perfect, but yet highly featured marker interface with a nice standard marker image that is easy to implement in existing web pages by users, who are not so experienced in programming.