Interaction Design Pattern for Ticketing: Definition von Interaction Design Pattern für mobile Ticketingsysteme des öffentlichen Verkehrs unter Verwendung von Usability Evaluation Methoden mit lösungsorientiertem Ansatz

AuthorChristina Stoiber

Publication type

Bachelor Thesis
Place PublishedSt. Pölten
Publication date 03.06.2013
Supervising TutorMichael Kieslinger



Ticketing applications offer a variety of features to make life easier regardless of whether traveling for work or going on vacation. People are able to buy tickets independent of their current location and use these applications as personal tour guide. The aim of this thesis is the extraction of best practices for interaction design patterns for the domain "ticketing".
Usability evaluation methods out of the participatory design are used to achieve the goal. The FIDO (Freehand Interactive Design Offline) and Modified Delphi Card Sorting method are those techniques which are applied to identify interaction design patterns. Also an analysis of existing ticketing applications is performed.
The results of the studies show a clear trend towards global settings such as saving preferences, payment data, existing tickets and concessions. These elements are the most requested functions of the subjects. Design elements, respectively the structure of existing applications such as the “ÖBB Ticket” app are mostly assembled from the test subjects. The resulting design patterns can be divided into five sections: routes, offers, payment, shopping cart for tickets and global settings.