Interactive media lab

Interaktive Medien Labor | Copyright: FH St. Pölten/Junxiang Qiu

Copyright: FH St. Pölten/Junxiang Qiu

The interactive Media Lab provides 21 state-of-the-art workstations, a broad variety of different interactive devices as well as a small electronic workshop. The interactive devices include on one hand all currently relevant smartphones and tablets, and on the other hand many arduino boards with all different kinds of sensors.

Photography lab

Fotostudio | Copyright: Alexander Hackl

Copyright: Alexander Hackl

The photography lab contains stationary and mobile studio flashlight kits including all necessary accessories. It provides studio space with changable backgrounds. For fine art prints it offers a B/W laboratory.

Usability lab

Copyright: Martin Lifka Photography

Copyright: Martin Lifka Photography

The entire test room can be recorded via four cameras and 8 microphones. It suits the implementation of analysis of in-depth interviews, expert talks, one-to-one interviews and group discussions. For usability tests a special software (Morae) is able to record the face of the test person and all actions on the computer monitor during the use of software. Additionally it is possible to record the eye movements of a person with an infrared sensor (Eye tracking). Different display formats of the eye movement patterns enable the analyses of the visual perception of different media. The biofeedback system supports the analysis of the test person's activation level by measuring the skin resistance. It also can display the following parameters of a test person: galvanic skin response, blood circulation, pulse, temperature and movement of a person. Morae, Eye tracking and Biofeedback can be also used in a mobile setting.