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Wolfgang Aigner is scientific director of the Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies. He is an expert in Information Visualization (InfoVis) and Visual Analytics (VA).

He performs research on concepts, methods, and software prototypes that support humans in dealing with large and complex information structures, to make them more comprehensible, facilitate exploration, and enable knowledge discovery. Wolfgang served as reviewer and program committee member for various scientific conferences, symposia, and journals, and acted as co-chair and advisor for scientific workshops. Wolfgang has authored and co-authored more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and presented his research at international venues. Further, he is the lead author of the recently published book “Visualization of Time-Oriented Data” (Springer, 2011) that is devoted to a systematic view of this topic. He has received national awards for his research work, was awarded a Top Cited Article 2005-2010 from Pergamon/Elsevier, and received a best paper honorable mention at IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST). He is also the founder and coordinator of a public Wiki to collect and share information on InfoVis (www.infovis-wiki.net). Additionally, he encourages young people to take their place in science and research by leading award-winning collaborative research projects and internships with pupils of technical high schools (HTL).

Research Interests: Information Visualization (InfoVis) · Interfacedesign · Visual Analytics · Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) · Interaction Design · User-Centered Design · Usability


PubViz - Tool for awesome interactive visualization of publication data
InfoVis:Wiki - Information Visualization community platform
TimeViz Browser - A Visual Survey of Visualization Techniques for Time-Oriented Data
EvalBench - A Software Library for Visualization Evaluation
TimeBench - A Data Model and Software Library for Visual Analytics of Time-Oriented Data

Past projects


Demo Video of visualization research shown at European Researchers' Night 2015 in Vienna.

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Recent Publications

Niederer, C., H. Stitz, R. Hourieh, F. Grassinger, W. Aigner, and M. Streit, "TACO: Visualizing Changes in Tables Over Time", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (InfoVis '17), Phoenix, Arizona USA, IEEE, In Press.
Federico, P., M. Wagner, A. Rind, A. Amor-Amorós, S. Miksch, and W. Aigner, "The Role of Explicit Knowledge: A Conceptual Model of Knowledge-Assisted Visual Analytics", 2017 IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST): IEEE, In Press.
Schick, J., M. Wagner, N. Thür, C. Niederer, G. Rottermanner, P. Tavolato, and W. Aigner, "Supporting Knowledge-assisted Rule Creation in a Behavior-based Malware Analysis Prototype", Poster of the 14th Workshop on Visualization for Cyber Security (VizSec), Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 10/2017, In Press.
Thür, N., M. Wagner, J. Schick, C. Niederer, J. Eckel, R. Luh, and W. Aigner, "BiG2-KAMAS: Supporting Knowledge-Assisted Malware Analysis with Bi-Gram Based Valuation", Poster of the 14th Workshop on Visualization for Cyber Security (VizSec), Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 10/2017, In Press.
Blumenstein, K., M. Kaltenbrunner, M. Seidl, L. Breban, N. Thür, and W. Aigner, "Bringing Your Own Device into Multi-device Ecologies - A Technical Concept", Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces: ACM, In Press.

Selected supervised theses

Niederer, C., Visualization Techniques for Climbing Self-Assessment, Master Thesis, St. Pölten, 2015.

Press articles