upribox 2 - Usable Privacy Box

The overall goal of the upribox project consists in making available privacy enhancing technology accessible to the public at large. The upribox is based on a single-board-computer and automatically filters webtrackers and advertising.


In the follow-up project upribox2 the team worked on the features zero-config functionality and IoT-Monitoring /-configuration for all connected devices.

Funding: IPA's 11th call of netidee
Duration: January - December 2017


The team of the media computing research group was responsible for conception, user interface design, user evaluation and web development of the administration interface.

Funding: IPA's 9th call of netidee
Duration: January - December 2015

Project code

The current upribox code is available for free on GitHub.

Project videos

Markus Huber
Lisa Gringl