The exploratory project UmBrello aims at designing a cost-effective and easy-to-use communication and service platform for older citizens and stakeholders for a future test region in Lower Austria.

Based on the research results from the FFG Benefit-funded projects Brelomate 1 and Brelomate 2, the chances for online services are to be examined in the following research areas: (1) Community & Social Care Services, (2) Telehealth & Training Services, (3) Local Supply & Regional Trade and (4) Open Regional Government Initiatives and Municipal Services. The small region of Pielachtal and the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences will cooperate on the assessment of user needs of seniors and groups of stakeholders such as local authorities, health and social services, regional commerce and educational institutions. Ideas and concepts will be evaluated and used to define a digital services agenda for a future test region in the middle of Lower Austria.

Freisleben-Teutscher Christian
Gradl Christian
Pflegerl Johannes
Sommer Sabine
Doppler Jakob
Grüblbauer Johanna
Schwab Caterine
Heller Mario
Raberger Anna-Maria


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