The goal of the SoniControl Project is the development of a novel technology for the recognition and masking of acoustic tracking information as well as the development of a mobile application that provides the technology to end-users and helps them to protect their privacy.

Acoustic tracking information is used intensively e.g. by technologies like Google Nearby to exchange information between two or more mobile devices. The user is usually not aware of this information exchange. Acoustic tracking enables to capture the behavior of users and to track users across several devices. The acoustic channel is becoming more and more interesting for information exchange because due to the increasing use of speech input (automatic speech recognition) the microphone of our devices listen permantly to our environment.

The goal of the project SoniControl is to develop a technology that is able to recognize acoustic tracking information and that notifies the user about it. Thereby, we want to raise the attention of the users to this technology. Furthermore, our technology will enable to block undesired acoustic tracking information to preserve the privacy of the user.

Project Website:

Here is a video that explains the idea (in German):

Funding for this research project is provided by IPA's 11th call of netidee.


Zeppelzauer, M., A. Ringot, and F. Taurer, "SoniControl-A Mobile Ultrasonic Firewall", ACM Multimedia Conference, Seoul, South Korea, ACM, 2018.

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