The quiet and peaceful countryside in Scapeland is the perfect place to built up your own little paradise. Multiply your funds by selling plants and animal products. Enlarge your property, explore new areas and meet new people. This farming game is all about the happy and stress-free life of a farmer... or is it?

Scapeland is a singleplayer game for PC and Mac in which the player take the role of a farmer. The player has to buy, plant and harvest various plants, defend his or her crops from crows and take care of animals. But as the game progresses, a dark twist emerges.

At one point the player is forced to leave his or her farm, because of an invading army. From this moment on, the gameplay changes drastically into an action/stealth game. And these stealth sections are again broken up by runner sequences. The whole game is played with either keyboard & mouse or a gamepad (which is the recommended input method).

This game is a project planned, designed and developed by students of St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. Within four months five students managed to conceive a plan and fully realize it. Goal was to convey the feeling of fleeing through gameplay, and gameplay alone.

After the project semester was completed, Scapeland was put on Steam Greenlight, a community driven platform, on which users can vote on game ideas. The most successful projects get “greenlit” and put on Steam, the world's largest digital distributor for video games. Scapeland was greenlit after only 19 days and will be released on March 31st 2016.

Project members 
Lukas Steinmetz
Matthias Michel
Lukas Geppert
Simon Reinsperger
Christine Safranek