Playing Valcamonica

More than 50.000 petroglyphs are engraved in rock panels on the flanks of the UNESCO world heritage site Val Camonica (Northern Italy). The engravings are not always visible and are often on steep slopes on which it is forbidden to walk for conservation reasons.

To overcome these problems, and to be able to transfer the rock art experience to other places, we designed a collaborative computer game for a multi-touch tabletop display. The game contains the image of a full rock panel (3 gigapixel) and several mini games to be played on the panel. We developed the game design as well as the interface and interaction design and implemented the game. It supports up to four simultaneous players. It is designed to allow each player ad-hoc joining and leaving.

Public exhibitions

23.09.2011 European Researcher´s Night at the UAS St. Pölten 

01.10.-14.11.2012 Pitoti exhibition at Triennale Milano,
Ursula Egger
Nadine Jax
Georg Seidl
Christoph Weis
Fredrick Baker
Christopher Chippindale


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Seidl, M., P. Judmaier, F. Baker, C. Chippindale, U. Egger, N. Jax, C. Weis, M. Grubinger, and G. Seidl, "Multi-touch Rocks: Playing with Tangible Virtual Heritage in the Museum – First User Tests", VAST11: The 12th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Cultural Heritage - Short Papers, Prato, Italy, Eurographics Association, pp. 73-76, 2011.

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