Pizza Pong

Pizza Pong is an interactive pizza ordering application developed for multitouch tables. Those tables are thought to replace ordinary tables in restaurants to order, eat and play games.

Pizza Pong is designed for four people who order a big pizza together. Firstly, the type of dough and the size of the pizza have to be chosen. Then every user has the opportunity to choose his favorite ingredients simply by dragging and dropping them onto his own pizza slice. After ordering the pizza the users have the opportunity to play “Pong” together to shorten the waiting time.

Pizza Pong makes the whole ordering process more efficient and unique. The customers won’t have to wait for the waiter anymore. Moreover, misunderstandings are avoided and the users can have fun together while ordering interactively and playing games together.

Karoline Drexel
Lisa Leichtfried
Martina Strohmayer