Minebox is a NAS (network attached storage) computer that allows secure storage of data in a personal, rather than a public cloud.

The files stored on its disks are end-to-end encrypted, with the encryption process already taking place before the initial upload. What sets this system apart from ordinary NAS systems, though, is the peer-to-peer backup. Each user can offer not-needed space on their hardware disks. While doing so enables the user to earn cryptocurrencies (e.g. bitcoin, siacoin), the more important feature is that each user’s data is saved on various disks, decentralizing the backup files. This way, the personal data is protected against cybercrime, accidental deletion, loss through system failures, and so on.

The team’s focus is to identify the target group’s needs and expectations for a secure network attached storage. To achieve this, a survey and a focus group are being conducted.