The KMK Comic Experience

The KMK Comic Experience is a collaborative drawing application for multi-touch tables in the Karikaturmuseum (caricature museum) Krems. The application gives users the possibility to draw a comic collaboratively or alone.

Recent improvements in multi-touch technology and related interaction design help make such technology a potential way for art museums to integrate interactive exhibit design in a space-efficient way that engages visitors near relevant art displays. When visiting a museum, one usually either can decide to simply walk through the building alone and stop at interesting artefacts, or one can have a guide – an actual person or audio guide - point out and explain objects of special interest. In general, it is important to give access to the information of the exhibition for different types of audiences. The Karikaturmuseum, located in Austria, is a museum for all sorts of humoristic drawings. Walking through the museum you may come across comics, cartoons, caricatures or other drawings with a funny edge to them. The analogue guestbook for visitors is also full of sketches and little cartoons, showing the visitors’ wish to express themselves graphically. To add an interactive element in accordance to the visitors’ desire for self- expression, a collaborative drawing application running on a multi-touch table and a web- application for smartphones was developed. Based on a user-centred design approach we conducted a design study. The focus of the study lies on exploring the interaction behaviours of the visitors with an application developed for collaborative drawings. A survey based on paper prototypes and two usability studies (one in a lab environment and one in the field) were conducted. Before testing with people from the target group, though, personas were used to help develop an application based on the visitors’ needs.

Stefanie Größbacher
Sabrina Rockenschaub
David Mayerhuber