A group of people has a specific dynamic that each individual provides. Influence captures this dynamic and visualizes it.

In life, like in business, knowing people is one key to being successful and happy. Relationships have the potential to enrich us, adding to our feelings of self-worth, enjoyment, and growth. The first step to getting to know another person might be difficult and not to mention maintaining a sustainable relationship could be challenging.

Influence aims to overcome these challenges. Influence is a context- and location-based system that combines content, community and the location. It offers its users to present themselves to others in an informative, anonymous and exciting way. Influence uses the information provided by the users through a web-based application and visualizes them in a modern, appealing and dynamic fashion where Influence is used. Additionally it offers on location interactions to get more involved in the event and therefore, more entertainment.

Influence has multiple sides to it depending on the information required and provided: Using funny and original data allows generating entertaining profiles that can be visualized in clubs, bars or similar locations. Using business-related, more serious data allows creating more informative profiles that can be visualized at conferences or courses.

Project members 
Chea Stefanie
Dlapka Ronald
Martin Janscha
Korn Miguel
Palme Carina
Wegscheider Florian
Zenz Mirjam