The project IMPECD – Improvement of Education and Competences in Dietetics aims to improve the quality and relevance of dietetic bachelor programs in Europe. Five Universities of Applied Sciences - St. Pölten (AT), Antwerp (B), Fulda (D), Groningen (NL) and Neubrandenburg (D) - collaborate to create an innovative massive open online course (MOOC).

Based on a unified Dietetic Care Process (DCP), students can train on ten different virtual patients to practice dietetics, as well as transversal skills like clinical reasoning, problem solving or collaborative and interdisciplinary working. The developed product (MOOC) can be used by professionals too, and supports lifelong long learning throughout Europe. 

Alexandra Kolm, MSc
FH-Prof. Mag. Gabriele Karner, MBA
Dr. Elisabeth Höld
Mag. Barbara Zimmer
Mag. Christian F. Freisleben-Teutscher
Marie-Luise Huber, BSc, MSc
FH-Prof. Daniela Wewerka-Kreimel, MBA