Students have been working on a concept study for the visualization of the European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey for the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA).

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights helps to ensure that fundamental rights of people living in the EU are protected. The agency  collects  evidence about the situation in respective countries and informs citizens about their fundamental rights. The European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey is the first ever EU-wide survey of immigrant and ethnic minority groups' experiences of discrimination and victimization in everyday life. The EU-Midis Report helps  EU member states to identify problem areas, plan their resources, and support the legislation.

Eight student groups (3-5 students) worked in a User Centered Design Lecture on concepts for an easy to use, interactive, and web based application for the main results of the EU Midis report. Target group of the project are people at the age of 55+ with a special focus on decision makers and politicians.

In a first step, the needs of the target group and the FRA stakeholder requirements were researched. Five design strategies for a web application appears. It must ...

  • have  easy to understand data visualization with little text
  • allow for interactive and individual details and for a comparison of the data
  • compare data of  the same origin and type only

  • be based on well-known and widely used interaction elements 
  • be based on scalable design up to 150%

Based on the design strategies, the students developed first concepts for the EU Midis report. Wireframes of these concepts were created and evaluated in the usability laboratory at the FH St. Pölten.  Interactive and visually appealing prototypes were built with the test results. Finally the students presented these prototypes in the Viennese office and discussed them with stakeholders from the Fundamental Rights Agency

Project members 
Students MT09 / Interactive Media