ContractVis is a visual assistant for lengthy legal texts. Does the fine print matter? Sure it does!

Signing up for a service or buying a product implies a contract between the consumer and the provider. Internet users often worry about the possible consequences from such a contract, in particular when they are interacting with a new provider. Even though the rights of consumers are strongly protected by national laws, enforcing these rights at court would be a major hassle. However, each contract involves a multitude of legal texts that are hard to read.

ContractVis aims to ease these worries by guiding consumer directly to the clauses that matter. It provides visual overview of long texts, which is especially relevant for mobile devices. Furthermore, visual comparison between two versions of a contract should be supported.

ContractVis will be developed in a user-centered design process and is planned to be realized as a mobile-first web application.


Duration: January 2018 – December 2018
Funding: Internet Foundation Austria (IPA) via netidee, prj2116
Christina Steininger