Vacation is increasingly accompanied by wide itineraries. Long distances are covered almost exclusively by air. Traveling by boat have become rare because they exist almost only in the luxury segment. Cruise liners appeal to well-suited and more older people, but can be also interesting for younger people to find time and adventure for a slow discovery of the world.

Cargo Rider wants to explore whether an InterRail comparable web platform can be built for boats like cargo ships which provides an alternative to air traffic. 

The project includes the development of a strategic plan for alternate long distance travel for sea and river cruises in collaboration with the freight shipping industry. The works provide the creation of a literature-based value chain for a network platform that ends up in empirical pretests. The goal is check the feasibility of this idea and to demonstrate the practical use. Further a technical concept and user interface will be developed.

The project is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) within the program called „mobility of the future“ of The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).
FH-Prof. DI (FH) DI Frank Michelberger, EURAIL-ING
FH-Prof. Dr. phil. Jan Krone M.A.


Blauensteiner, B., F. Michelberger, and P. Judmaier, "Cargorider – A Boat Trip On A Cargo Ship", PIANC-SMART Rivers Conference, Pittsburgh, USA, PIANC, pp. 127-134, 10/2017.

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