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FH-Prof. DI Dr.

Markus is Head of the Media Computing Research Group and Managing Director of the IC\M/T - the Institute for Creative\Media/Technologies.

He is working on the technical aspects of interactive systems. His main research interest is Media Processing. He has been working for several years in the field of experimental computer art, before he joined UAS St. Pölten as a lecturer. He studied different flavors of Computer Science at the JKU Linz, the University of Vienna, and the Vienna University of Technology, where he received his Master´s Degree and his PhD with highest distinction.

Since 2011 he is FH-Professor, from 2013 to 2015 he was Deputy Head of the IC\M/T - Institute of Creative Media Technologies. Since 2015 he is heading the Media Computing Research Group and is serving as Managing Director of the IC\M/T - the Institute for Creative\Media/Technologies.

Markus is reviewer for several conferences and journals. He was general chair of the Forum Medientechnik 2013 (with Grischa Schmiedl and Thiemo Kastel), 2014 and 2015 (with Grischa Schmiedl).

Although he is mainly working on the tech side of interactive products, he is a firm beliver in the fact, that good interactive products arise from a close collaboration of interface design, user experience and technology.

2010 Microsoft Sponsorship award for the master thesis
2015 Best Paper Award Digital Heritage Conference DH 2015
2016 European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award

For more information visit his personal homepage at http://ment.org

Recent Publications

Zeppelzauer, M., B. Zielinski, M. Juda, and M. Seidl, "A Study on Topological Descriptors for the Analysis of 3D Surface Texture", Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU), vol. 167, pp. 74 - 88, 09/2017, 2018.
Schönhofer, A., S. Hubner, P. Rashed, W. Aigner, P. Judmaier, and M. Seidl, "ViennAR: User-Centered-Design of a Bring Your Own Device Mobile Application with Augmented Reality", Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Computer Graphics: Springer, pp. 275–291, 2018.
Poier, G., M. Seidl, M. Zeppelzauer, C. Reinbacher, M. Schaich, G. Bellandi, A. Marretta, and H. Bischof, "PetroSurf3D - A Dataset for high-resolution 3D Surface Segmentation", Content Based Multimedia Indexing, Special Session on Multimedia for Cultural Heritage, Florence, pp. 8, 06/2017.
Niederer, C., S. Größbacher, W. Aigner, P. Judmaier, and M. Seidl, "Comic Experience: Narrative & Collaborative Drawing on a Multi-Touch Table in an Art Museum", Proceedings of the 10th Forum Media Technology 2017, St. Pölten, CEUR-WS, pp. 131-139, 11/2017.
Blumenstein, K., M. Kaltenbrunner, M. Seidl, L. Breban, N. Thür, and W. Aigner, "Bringing Your Own Device into Multi-device Ecologies - A Technical Concept", Proceedings of the 2017 ACM on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces: ACM, 2017.

Selected supervised theses

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