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Since September the 1st, 2013 he is working as a Junior Researcher at the Media Computing Research Group.

Before that he studied Media Technology (Bachelor study) and Digital Media Technologies (Master study) at University of Applied Sciences, St. Pölten. Mainly he is involved in projects in the field of human-computer interaction. His topics of interests are: User-Centered Design and HCI, Urban HCI, Second Screen Interaction and web development.

Recent Publications

Michelberger, F., G. Rottermanner, R. Bichler, and P. Judmaier, "Lessons Learned from Field Tests for Methods of User Evaluation in Safety Critical Systems", , Braunschweig, In Proceedings of the 2nd German Workshop on Rail Human Factors, 2016.
Wagner, M., A. Rind, G. Rottermanner, C. Niederer, and W. Aigner, "Knowledge-Assisted Rule Building for Malware Analysis", Proceedings of the 10th Forschungsforum der österreichischen Fachhochschulen, Vienna, Austria, FH des BFI Wien, 2016.
Doppler, J., G. Rottermanner, S. Sommer, J. Pflegerl, and P. Judmaier, "Design and Evaluation of a Second Screen Communication and Gaming Platform to Foster Teleparticipation of the Socially Isolated Elderly", Ambient Assisted Living: 8. AAL-Kongress 2015, Frankfurt/Main, Cham, Springer International Publishing, pp. 3–13, 2016.
Michelberger, F., P. Judmaier, G. Rottermanner, S. Größbacher, A. Viertelmayer, R. Bichler, B. Laser, D. Erharter, M. Pohl, E. Weißenböck, et al., Gender- und Diversity-Kriterien im sicherheitskritischen Arbeitsumfeld, , Berlin, epubli (neopubli GmbH), 2016.
Sommer, S., G. Rottermanner, J. Pflegerl, J. Weissenböck, W. Gruber, P. Judmaier, and J. Doppler, "Mediengestützte Kommunikation für ältere Menschen", 9. Forschungsforum der Österreichischen Fachhochschulen, 2015.