MotEx – Virtual Reality Driving

MotEx is a Virtual Reality Driving Simulator, that supports driving school students in learning additional skills, that can’t be teached in reality. The players will be able to drive in a living world, and learn about complex traffic situations.

During our project semester at the FH St. Pölten, our team consisting of five persons developed "Motex - Virtual Reality Driving", a prototype software for a motion simulator. The simulator itself was built by the HTL St. Pölten. With the help of the simulation users can experience situations which would be too risky, dangerous or rare in the real world. The simulator can be used as an additional cognitive learning method while attending a driving school. A total of four different levels were developed during the semester project, modeled with Blender and programmed with Unity 5:

  • fictional parking lot with obstacles and exercises
  • driving practice course of the driving school Sauer, in which the first part of the driving test is simulated
  • Monster Truck route, for fun
  • 10-minute route through St. Pölten with other cars, traffic lights and traffic signs

  • The student can control the virtual VW Polo like a real car using the steering wheel, three pedals and a gear shift that are installed in the simulator. Moving the head with the Oculus Rift offers a 360 degree view.

    Using the Leap Motion, the student can see their own hands, which helps the him / her to feel more comfortable in the virtual world.
    For the continuous improvement of our software, we have carried out about 150 user tests in which we were able to evaluate the personal opinions and preferences of our target audience.

    Matthias Dollfuss
    Patrick Kolar
    Peter Kopciak