TitleViennAR: User-Centered-Design of a Bring Your Own Device Mobile Application with Augmented Reality
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsSchönhofer, A., S. Hubner, P. Rashed, W. Aigner, P. Judmaier, and M. Seidl
Conference NameAugmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Computer Graphics
ISBN Number978-3-319-95281-9 978-3-319-95282-6
Keywordsar, museum
AbstractIn many museums it is still common that visitors have to read static texts from boards to gain information about the exhibits. In times where almost every visitor carries a smartphone in their pocket, these devices could be utilized for a more personalized and interactive visitor experience. In this paper we present a design study for a “Bring your own device” setting that combines augmented reality (AR) and navigation in museums. We applied an iterative user centered design approach that included conceptual design, prototyping, user tests, as well as a field test in a large museum in Vienna. One of the main results is that a new and digital form of navigation isn’t as essential as the museum thought it would be. Apart from that the application was well received during the field test.