User Experience im World Wide Web – Analyse der Nutzungserlebnisse auf Online-Reiseportalen
Fellinger, M. S.
Publication type 
Master Thesis
Place Published 
St. Pölten
Publication date 
Supervising Tutor 

In this thesis the concept of offline and online User Experience is examined. At the beginning its importance, meaning and the development of an accurate definition is catered. Afterwards, important components and factors for this complex concept are identified and, regarding to their exertion of influence, considered.
To understand the experience of users, models and their qualities are described. Due to the importance of emotions while undergoing the User Experience, insight into this component and its classifications are delivered. Furthermore, possibilities to measure the whole User Experience as well as their emotions and attractiveness are presented.
In the following practical chapter, some of these presented methods are integrated into a qualitative usability-test and accomplished with the help of selected travel business websites. The results of every single measuring device indicate a high correlation. Several findings also assess certain problems of users interpretation. The thesis concludes with a future prospect concerning the topic’s progress.