TitleGender and the Design of Computer Interfaces in Control Rooms
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsPohl, M., E. Weißenböck, P. Judmaier, G. Rottermanner, S. Größbacher, and D. Erharter
Conference NameForum Medientechnik - Next Generation, New Ideas
Conference LocationFH St. Pölten
AbstractControl rooms play an increasingly important role in modern industry. However, women are still a minority in this field. There are several different explanations which might be responsible for the low number of women employed in control rooms. One of them is the design of the interfaces used in such control rooms. The following paper provides an overview of the respective literature. This overview covers perceptual, cognitive and usability aspects. Based on this overview, we derive recommendations for the design of systems to attract more women to this field.